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West Deptford Resident and County Freeholder Robert Damminger Helps Preserve West Deptford’s Largest Farm

106 acres of West Deptford farmland will be forever preserved thanks to West Deptford resident and Gloucester County Freeholder Robert Damminger. Working in conjunction with the County Freeholder Board and the State Agriculture Development Committee, Freeholder Damminger will be able to secure about $600,000 of the $1,010,800 purchase price through New Jersey’s Farmland Preservation Program, a long standing program that has received bipartisan support over its many years of existence. The acquisition of the Urban Family’s farm in West Deptford comes on the heels of a state milestone, the preservation of 200,000 acres of NJ Farmland!

The George H. Urban farm has been owned by the Urban family since 1938 and is 106 contiguous acres of viable and active farming. It’s adjacent to an additional 42 acres of existing open space that was previously preserved. The farm has produced specialty crops like watermelon, tomatoes and asparagus over the last seventy five years and is one of the last remnants of the vast agricultural landscape that used to cover West Deptford and South Jersey. Preserving the Urban Farm preserves not only a piece of history, but a key part of the New Jersey economy.

Preserving land and viable agricultural farming operations is vital both to West Deptford and New Jersey’s future. West Deptford’s key location alongside major highways and ports makes agriculture and agricultural processing facilities a great economic development opportunity for West Deptford and provides for a strong mix of active farming operations and open lands, attractive industrial sites and facilities and easy access to ports and highways for warehousing, logistics and transportation companies. All these economic activities combined can provide a great tax base for West Deptford, jobs for our residents and a diverse landscape that preserves some of the scenic vistas that South Jersey and the Delaware Riverside are known for. Freeholder Damminger’s efforts will help West Deptford continue to be one of the top South Jersey towns to live in.

This is what good government looks like. Concerted, bipartisan, collaborative efforts that reward hard workers and good stewards like the Urban family and that build on our town’s past to create new economic opportunities for the future.