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West Deptford Committee and Mayor’s Salaries Cut $24.5K

DiCarlo leads West Deptford Township Committee to a combined $24,500 savings in annual salary costs for the Committee and Mayor’s salaries.

Early in her tenure as a Township Committeeman, Denice DiCarlo proposed reducing the Mayor and Committee people’s salaries as a show of good faith as West Deptford wrestles with ongoing budget challenges.  Armed with a proposal to cut Township Committee salaries that the Mayor and Republican Committee majority refused to put on the agenda, DiCarlo proposed an amendment from the floor to reduce salaries from $11,500 to $6,000 for the Mayor and from $9,500 from to $5,500 for Township Committee members.

Not willing to be shown up, Republican Committeeman Sam Cianfarini tried to one-up Committeewoman DiCarlo by offering a token reduction of an additional $500 per Committeeperson and $1,000 for the Mayor to create a flat $5,000 salary for all committee members including the mayor. In an act of partisan pique the Republican Committee majority then moved the second reading of the amendment to the next meeting and onto Committeeman Cianfarini’s agenda, after Committeewoman DiCarlo immediately agreed to Cianfarini’s changes to her proposal and took action to move the proposals forward.

Keeping the best interests of West Deptford residents at heart, DiCarlo used her knowledge of Roberts Rules of Orders to quickly sign onto and move forward Cianfarini’s amendment to reduce salaries an additional $500 – $1,000 per year from her original proposal to slash the Mayor’s salary by over $6,500 dollars per year, and to slash Committee members salaries by over 4,000 per year for an annual savings of $22,500 per year.

Knowledge, expertise and a willingness to fight for the best interests of West Deptford’s residents despite the roadblocks thrown up by the Republican majority on the Township Committee and Sam Cianfarini’s grandstanding is what makes Denice DiCarlo a strong watchdog and effective leader.