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West Deptford and National Park reach agreement to share Police Services

Recently the National Park borough council voted to accept a bid by West Deptford for Police Services.  The proposal is for a five-year contract which would bring $535,000 of revenue into West Deptford in 2016 with the amount increasing to $579,102 a year by 2020. Under the yet to be finalized agreement, West Deptford would take over National Park patrols on Jan. 1, 2016.

From the Courier Post article: ‘The partnership “makes sense,” said West Deptford Deputy Mayor James Mehaffey, the township’s former police chief, who expects his township to hire two officers.

National Park is surrounded by West Deptford on three sides. The township’s police force often assists Westville police responding in the 1.4-square-mile borough.

“We’re at some calls before they were. We’re a large department,” Mehaffey said. “It’s a savings for the residents of National park. It will be a savings for the residents of West Deptford.”’

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