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Reducing Expenses in West Deptford, Denice DiCarlo and the DPW

Reducing expenses in West Deptford has never been an easy task.  But Township Committeewoman Denice Dicarlo is taking on the responsibility of saving West Deptford taxpayers money by streamlining management and labor practices.

Early in her tenure as a Township Committeewomen, Denice DiCarlo led a review of the Township’s Public Works manpower needs. While the number of Public Works employees in 2012 were essentially the same as the number of Public Works employees in 2004 (28 employees in 2012 vs. 27 in 2004), the department had become dependent on seasonal labor to make up employment shortfalls from past budget cuts.

By hiring the same seasonal workers over and over again and keeping them on for extended periods of time, the township was really pushing up against the boundaries of federal labor laws and needed to revise its policy. DiCarlo crafted a solution using a flexible workforce approach which reduced the number of seasonal employees to zero in 2012, down from seasonal employment that ranged from five to fifteen workers during 2011.

By using flex labor, West Deptford’s Public Works Department can now add workers on a daily basis based on our seasonal needs or to replace full-time employees who are sick. Flex laborers get a Six am call if there is a need for additional workers on any given day. All the flex workers used are trained on trash collection procedures and equipment operation which allows the town to free-up more experienced full-time West Deptford workers for other maintenance and public works tasks.

In an effort to continually reduce expenses in West Deptford, Denice DiCarlo plans on incorporating flex labor for any department or project that could benefit taxpayers financially with it’s benefits.