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West Deptford Field of Dreams: Dreams Come True

Restoring our dreams through collaboration and hard work

West Deptford’s Field of Dreams shines bright

By leading a collaborative effort between the town, volunteers and local businesses, Denice DiCarlo pushed through a restoration of the Field of Dreams site in less than a month.

The West Deptford Field of Dreams was neglected for years after being built as a community project sixteen years ago , DiCarlo made revitalization of the park a significant priority of her first term in office and was able to accomplish that goal in less than six months by bringing people together.

Working together across party lines with Deputy Mayor Sean Kilpatrick, DiCarlo built a committee in her first months in office that included elected officials, local business leaders and West Deptford employees and local volunteers.

DiCarlo was able to raise $60,000 in donations and keep costs to under $52,000 which provided an additional $8,000 for use at other parks in West Deptford after the work at West Deptford Field of Dreams was completed.

In a very short time span, from early January 2012 to May 2012, not only was West Deptford Field of Dreams completely refurbished at minimal cost to the town, but additional funds were made available for deferred maintenance work at other town parks.

Collaboration, hard work, a strong commitment to improving our town, and wisely managing our town’s resources is what distinguishes Denice DiCarlo from other leaders.