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West Deptford Seniors Bus: A New Pair Of Wheels

Making Sure West Deptford’s Seniors Needs are Met

As a member of the West Deptford Township Committee Denice DiCarlo helped ensure that West Deptford Seniors have a permanent bus dedicated to their needs.

After being without their own dedicated bus for almost a year…

DiCarlo and the township committee approved the purchase of a new West Deptford seniors bus in May to replace the previous bus, which had been destroyed in an electrical fire last year.  The previous township committee had arranged for a loaner bus from Gloucester County which worked well as an interim solution, but lacked the comfort and dependability of a permanently dedicated West Deptford seniors bus.

Many West Deptford seniors depend on the bus for transportation to the supermarket, to the mall and sometimes even to Cowtown. A permanent and dedicated West Deptford Seniors bus is an important part of our community. It helps make it easier for West Deptford’s seniors to manage their daily lives and to socialize with their friends and neighbors.

Providing services to West Deptford’s senior citizens is a point of pride for our West Deptford community. Whether it’s  senior citizens club meetings at Riverwinds, hosting the senior citizens nutrition center for Gloucester County at the Thorofare Fire Hall, or providing transportation around town, ensuring that West Deptford’s seniors are mobile and living life fully is something our town takes pride in.  The new West Deptford senior bus will help seniors of our community get around easier and safer so that they too can enjoy our community.