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West Deptford Enters into Economic Development Partnership with Gloucester County Improvement Authority

Mayor DiCarlo and the Township Committee recently voted to enter into an economic development partnership with the Gloucester County Improvement Authority.

From the Gloucester County Online story:

“West Deptford has a lot to offer to new entrepreneurs and businesses,” said GCIA Chairman Charles Fentress. “By partnering with the GCIA, West Deptford will be able to take full advantage of our staff’s expertise and our relationships with state and regional marketing forces.”

“The long-term financial health of West Deptford is dependent on our success in attracting new businesses while helping our existing corporate citizens become more competitive and profitable,” said Mayor Denice DiCarlo. Partnering with the GCIA, she said, will allow the township to take advantage of staff expertise, marketing tools and redevelopment know-how, “without spending local tax dollars.”

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Mayor DiCarlo secures private funds to gain bipartisan support for critical repairs to Union Field

After republicans blocked the critical safety repairs to West Deptford’s Union Field baseball facility Mayor Denice DiCarlo did not lament.  Instead she took action, securing $25,000 in private donations with another $15,000 possibly on the way.  The effort was enough to win the support of the two republican committee members and the vote was able to proceed as a result of Mayor DiCarlo’s bipartisan efforts.

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